10 km run


10 km run

OSHEE 10 km Run

The OSHEE 10 km Run is an additional sporting competition held during ORLEN Warsaw Marathon. With the three distinct runs offered during ORLEN Warsaw Marathon and the competitive character of the event, the National Running Day is more appealing to a wider audience.

Taking part in the individual 10 km competition is not only an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience and put one's abilities to test during ORLEN Warsaw Marathon – it can also serve as an introduction to long-distance running and an opportunity to beat one’s personal best results.

Moreover, a team competition will also be held during this run. Each team may consist of both female and male members. The winning team will be determined by adding up the times achieved by the 4 fastest runners in every team. The more runners you convince to join your team, the greater your chances of victory!

Money prizes will be awarded to the first 10 male and the first 10 female runners to reach the finish line. Prizes are the same for both sexes. The fastest male and female runners will receive an additional bonus of PLN 6 thousand! Prizes will also await the six fastest teams. Members of the winning team will receive PLN 6 thousand to share among themselves. Every registered participant will additionally receive an attractive starting pack.

In order to take part in the OSHEE 10 km Run you must be 16 or over on 24 April 2016 and accept the relevant Terms and Conditions.


Start date: 24 April 2016, 8:45 AM
Time measurement: Yes, every 5 kilometres
Time limit: 01:40min:00s.
Event record: OWM 2015, Hillary Kiptum Kimaiyo (Kenia), time: 28min:45s.

This year during the OSHEE 10 km Run the participants will be led by two professional athletes running the most popular predicted finish times. 17 pacemakers, in total, will help the runners hit the following target times:


* 2 pacemakers

To find out more about the OSHEE 10 km Run, please see the Terms and Conditions.