Emotions run high at the fifth ORLEN Warsaw Marathon


Emotions run high at the fifth ORLEN Warsaw Marathon

This year’s fifth anniversary edition of the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon has come to a close. An annual favorite among spectators and runners from all over the world, Poland’s biggest running event once again drew crowds of sports fans. While the weather was chilly, the atmosphere along the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon route was hot, thanks to the dream team of runners and spectators. Felix Kimutai from Kenya came in first place in the marathon, while victory in the OSHEE 10K run went to Dmytro Lashyn from Ukraine. Artur Kozłowski once again managed to secure the winning title in the Polish Men’s Marathon Championship. A grand total of 36 thousand participants took part in the National Sports Days, which comprised the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon and the ORLEN Warsaw Games.

Undeterred by inclement weather, runners turned out in droves at the starting line of the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon. Anita Włodarczyk fired the starting gun at nine o’clock sharp, giving the signal to thousands of participants to head out from Wybrzeże Szczecińskie, with the marathon runners turning north and the OSHEE 10K participants veering south.

First across the finish line were contestants in the OSHEE 10K run. Spectators cheered loudly as the race came to an exciting end. Dmytro Lashyn from Ukraine triumphed in a close finish, with the excellent result of 0:29:02. The champion in the women’s category was Svetlana Kudelish of Belarus, who covered 10 kilometers in 0:33:12.

But the most exciting competition played out on the full distance of 42 kilometers and 195 meters, with the race remaining undecided up until the very last kilometers. Following a close finish, Felix Kimutai of Kenya was first across the line with a time of 2:10:34, an excellent result in such weather conditions. Alex Saekwo came in second, one and a half minutes later. Third place on the podium went to Poland’s fastest runner, the winner of last year’s ORLEN Warsaw Marathon, Artur Kozłowski, who secured the title of Polish Champion with a time of 2:12:38.

First place in the women’s category went to the Belarusian runner Natassia Ivanova, who completed the marathon in 2:28:44. The first Polish woman across the finish line was Izabela Trzaskalska, who came in just over a minute after the winner. The best contestant in the handcycle category was Rafał Wilk, who completed the half marathon in 0:31:32.

– Participants and organizers alike will remember the fifth ORLEN Warsaw Marathon as a particularly challenging one in terms of weather conditions. But the runners and spectators proved that this marathon fully deserves the title of one of the top running events in the country. The ORLEN Warsaw Marathon has become more than just a local competition, and is now seen by the world as a signature event for Poland. – says Rafał Pasieka, Executive Marketing Director for PKN ORLEN.

Runners took part in the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon not just for the results, but also with the goal of helping those in need through the campaign „Dar Serca dla…” („Gift from the Heart for…”). Each contestant was given the opportunity to pick one of thirty organizations and help the top ten secure funding from a pool of 100 thousand zloty. The efforts of 3 thousand runners were turned into donations for these organizations. Thank you!

Results of the 42.195 km race
1. Felix KIMUTAI (Kenya) – 2:10:34
2. Alex SAEKWO (Kenya) – 2:12:01
3. Artur Kozłowski (Poland) – 2:12:38
1. Nastassia IVANOVA (Belarus) – 2:28:44
2. Izabela TRZASKALSKA (Poland) – 2:29:56
3. Viola YATOR (Kenya) – 2:30:03

Results of the OSHEE 10K run
1. Dmytro LASHYN (Ukraine) ­– 0:29:02
2. Joel MWANGI (Kenya) – 0:29:03
3. Dominic MUSYIMI (Kenya) – 0:29:04
1. Svetlana KUDELISH (Belarus) – 0:33:12
2. Katarzyna KOWALSKA (Poland) – 0:33:20
3. Hellen MUSYOKA (Kenya) ­– 0:33:52