Pasta Party


Pasta Party

Pasta Party:

1. What is a Pasta Party?

Pasta Party is carbohydrate meal served to runners one day before the run day, i.e. on Saturday 22 April 2017

2. Who may attend the Pasta Party?

The Pasta Party is available for correctly registered contestants in the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon runs, either marathon or 10 km, and for accompanying persons who are not taking part in either run.

3. How can register for the Pasta Party?

You can ONLY register for the Pasta Party on-line no later than on 21 March 2017.
NOTE: You may attend the Pasta Party ONLY after you have collected your entry kit at the Marathon Office.

4. What is the cost of attending the Pasta Party?

The cost of the carbohydrate mean is PLN 9.90 for participants and PLN 14.90 for an accompanying person.

5. When and where will the Pasta Party be held?

The Pasta Party will be held on Saturday, 22 April 2017. The time and the specific location Pasta Party will be announced later.

6. Can I bring an accompanying person to the Pasta Party?

Yes. You can pay a fee for an accompanying person to attend the Pasta Party while you make an online registration.