Registration Begins for the 2017 ORLEN Warsaw Marathon


Registration Begins for the 2017 ORLEN Warsaw Marathon

On 23 April 2017, thousands of runners will take part in the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon to test their capability over two distances: the royal 42,195 km and 10 km. The registration has just started for the largest running event in Poland.

The ORLEN Warsaw Marathon has been dubbed the National Running Festival for a good reason. The event attracts tens of thousands people every year. Running has nearly grown to be the Polish national sport and the excitement and pride in participating in the high-profile run stick to runners for months. While there is still a lot of time to prepare it makes sense to register now. The number of entry packages is limited.

The ORLEN Warsaw Marathon is a huge turnout success and we are very excited seeing so many people having fun doing this sport, professionals and amateurs alike. The event as also about fun for fans cheering for the runners along the route. The ORLEN Warsaw Marathon offers positive emotions both to runners, their fans, Warsaw residents and the organisers, says Sebastian Chmara, press officer of the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon and Vice-President of the Polish Track and Field Association.

As in previous years, runners will have two distances to choose from: a full marathon and a 10 km run. The price for a entrance package will depend on the option and time of registration. Important: the price will be increased on 22 March 2017 and the deadline for online registration is 15 April 2017.


There are traditionally three package options to choose from:

Basic: PLN 59 (just the entry number)

Standard (entry number incl. a T-shirt): PLN 89

Premium (entry number incl. a T-shirt and a gift): PLN 129

These prices will apply before 21 March 2017. An extra PLN 10 will have to be added to your options after that date. Runners registering for 42,195 km who completed the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon or a 10 km run in 2014-2016 will get an incredible 10% discount for their entry fee!


The distance of 10 km provides an excellent testing ground for beginners. Two rates are available:

Basic: PLN 29

Standard (incl. a T-shirt): PLN 59

The price of each package will increase by PLN 10 on 22 March 2017, exactly like in the marathon section.


A Marathon Office will launch operations in the Marathon Campus in the commons of the PGE National Stadium on Thursday 20 April 2017. It will process last-minute registrations. On 20-22 April 2017, the cost of entry packages will be as follows:

10 KM

Basic: PLN 59

Standard (incl. a T-shirt): PLN 89


Basic: PLN 99

Standard (incl. a T-shirt): PLN 149


A carbohydrate fiesta is a must at any running race and the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon will make sure all contestants have adequate energy levels. Register for the Pasta Party before 21 March 2017 at PLN 9.90 for contestants and PLN 14.90 for an accompanying person.

Registration is now offered for Sunday runs only. The Sunday programme of the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon will be designed for families. Stay tuned for further information.