Polish ORLEN Warsaw Marathon!

The fourth edition of the National Running Day – 2016 ORLEN Warsaw Marathon has drawn to a close. After a stiff rivalry, Artur Kozłowski emerged as the first Pole to win the Marathon with an excellent time of 2:11:54. Another outstanding Polish marathon runner, Henryk Szost, finished second, with a time of 2:12:40. Both runners have thus qualified for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


We know the packs content for the runners

Already on April 24, thousands of runners competing in ORLEN Warsaw Marathon will set off on the marathon route again. OSHEE 10-kilometre runners and marathon distance runners who have purchased the PREMIUM Starting Pack will receive starting packs with products provided by the sponsors of the event.


The OSHEE 10 km Run will lead through the enchanting Saska Kępa district!

The fourth edition of ORLEN Warsaw Marathon will start on April 24th. Apart from the Olympic marathon the National Running Day will also include the 10 km run. To meet the expectations of runners, the course of the OSHEE 10 km Run has been completely changed and will now take them through one of Warsaw's most charming districts – Saska Kępa.


The ORLEN Warsaw Marathon course – a chance to set a new record

On the morning of Sunday, April 24th, during this year's edition of ORLEN Warsaw Marathon, runners will once again have a chance to beat their records. The marathon course was planned out in such way to give all the participants of the National Celebration of Running, both professional athletes and amateur runners, an opportunity to achieve their sporting goals.  During ORLEN Warsaw Marathon 2016, the best Polish marathon runners will also have a chance to earn an entry pass allowing them to compete at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympic Games.